Slam Ball / Sled Push

Perform this in the beginning of workout session to achieve what we like to call a “Hot Start” or at the end of the session as a “Metabolic Finisher.”  Whether you decide to add it on the front end or back end, the idea is to make it intense and challenging.

Purpose: Improve whole body conditioning, improve leg strength endurance, improve shoulder, chest, and arm strength endurance, and improve core strength endurance; accelerate metabolism, burn fat and improve cardio/conditioning.

Tools Needed:

Slam Ball


How to do it:

  • (Slam Ball)- Legs shoulder width apart, toes straight ahead or slightly pointed out, squat down, pick up the slam ball and bring to overhead position all in on motion; Slam the ball down as hard as you can, then repeat for 5 reps. After the 5th rep hits the ground, pick the ball up and Lateral Toss as far as you can.
  • (Sled Push)- Keep a straight spine (i.e., no hunching) and straight arms while driving the sled forward. Push from the ball of your foot with the front leg while the back leg in full extension.

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