Answer Yes to these 10 Questions and You'll Have a Killer Workout Every Time!

1. Do I Know My Purpose?  My goals are clearly defined. I understand the training variables that create the focus for today’s workout. 

2. Did I Eat Yesterday with Tomorrows Workout in MInd? Yesterday I ate to fuel my workout

3. Did I Get A Good Night Sleep?  Whether or not I slept for 6-8 hours, the quality of my sleep was good

4. Do I understand my Movement Compensations?  Muscle imbalances cause movement compensations. When the appropriate muscles are not called upon on, this can lead to eventual injury, as well as keep you from Peak Performance.

5. Does my Warm-up have a Purpose ? Should be Specific and address your muscle imbalances. Spend no more than 10 min on this.

6. Do I have an Optimal exercise selection? I have included Multi-Joint, Multi-planar, as well as Unilateral exercises

7. Do I have Optimal Exercise sequencing? Multi-Joint Exercises are Prioritized first. Each exercise sequence should not diminish the integrity of the next sequence.

8. Does my Intensity match my Training Phase? This goes back to being in tune with your goals and workout focus. The phase of training you are should determine the effort.

9. Do my Rest Intervals have a Purpose? Active Isolated Stretches are programmed for my rest intervals. No reason to sit and do nothing while waiting for your next set.

10. What is my Post Workout Nutrition Plan? My post workout meal or shake is planned within an hour of my workout ending.