Fitness Training


Becoming more Fit is the goal. Determining exactly what that means and the best way to get there is what we do best. Fitness Training has a broad reach, however your goal can be very specific or incredibly broad. This type of training will cover  Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility by means of increasing the capacity of your:

  • Heart 
  • Lungs
  • Muscular system

Regardless of your Fitness goal, a good program is only as good as your Assessment.

Fitness Assessment

A good program is built upon the foundation of our Fitness Assessment. An initial meeting will give us a fundamental representation of your goals, needs, movement abilities, and medical history.

Our Assessments are at no cost to you. We feel it’s a good way to get acquainted with us as well as determine if Peak Performance is a good fit for you. Call or use the contact button below to schedule a fitness assessment.

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St Louis, MO 63011

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5:00am – 8:00pm