The goal here is to Move better. If you move better you will feel better. A significant number of people have muscular imbalances that result in pattern overload. These repetitive movements coupled with someone who already has poor posture will create dysfunction within the body’s connective tissue. This dysfunction is treated by the body as an injury and as a result will initiate a repair process termed the CUMULATIVE INJURY CYCLE.  Most people don’t realize that painful muscle knots or trigger points are part of this cycle. 

We offer 30 min 1 on 1 Flexibility/Mobility sessions. This can be either supplementary and therefore integrated into an existing program; or as stand alone sessions done as something to move and feel better.

Here’s How it Works

Simple movements patterns will be screened quickly at the beginning of each session to determine the priority. The most focus will be given to the area that scores the lowest. Contact us with more questions, or schedule a complimentary Fitness Assessment to further determine your needs!


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